My childhood fears of the dentists' office are gone since I began visiting Dr. Naghdi's office. Dr. Naghdi and her staff have shown great concern and lots of kindness to me. They communicate with me about my treatment process. Their friendly conversation is soothing and rewarding and their expertise is invaluable.

Thanks to Dr. Naghdi and her staff for giving me the confidence to endure. While it had taken years to decide to have orthodontic work done, this year with Dr. Naghdi and the staff proved to be most beneficial to me. I look forward to wearing a most beautiful SMILE, one that helps to identify my inside beauty. I look forward to benefiting the rewards of your diligent work and commitment to your patients.

To Dr. Naghdi and staff, I say THANK YOU.
-Latoya T.

Dr. Naghdi always makes you feel comfortable and at ease. She takes the time to inform you of your treatment and answer all of your questions. It is the first time I’ve ever been to any type of doctor that involves their patients the way Dr. Naghdi and her staff do.
- Mellisa P

I wanted to take time to say thank you to Dr. Naghdi and her whole staff. The ladies at the front desk are always smiling, helpful, and friendly. In the back they make you feel right at home. I had a severe overbite, the kids at school made fun of me. Dr. Naghdi is fixing it. She has given me so much. My smile – my confidence. Dr Naghdi gave me back me.

Every time I look in to a mirror long into adulthood, I will know my smile is due to the skills, care, and helpfulness of Dr. Naghdi and her staff. Thank you Dr. Naghdi, thank you so much.
- Noor T.

My doctor is the best because she is always in a wonderful mood and makes sure my braces are not broken or sharp. Dr. Naghdi is very helpful and caring. She always asks you how you are and makes me feel at home. She has such amazing employees; you can’t even imagine all of them do such an excellent job.
- Gloria M.

I love coming here because it’s clean, fun, and safe. Every time I come I feel like I can relax. I like the orthodontists and all of the staff because they’re nice, funny, enthusiastic, and very enjoyable. I really appreciate the orthodontist’s attitude. My friends are jealous that I go to the best orthodontist in the world.
-Faith A.

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