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Easter Bunnies

"Like us on Facebook Contest"

Make sure you check out our latest contest and join in the fun!

iPad Contest 2012

Sandra's iPad Contest

We had fun guessing the two teams going to the Superbowl.

fast braces

fast braces


Wizard of Oz comes to Herndon

cost of braces herndon va

St. Patrick's Day

Top of the morning to you!

clear adult braces reston virginia
Invisalign Teen Reston VA
Cost of Braces Reston VA

Dental Health Month

Making tooth costumes. Dr. Naghdi and Staff visit local schools to teach children about the importance of good dental hygiene.

Fairfax County braces for children and adults

Smelly Feet

Have you seen big foot lately? Well, Haley did and won tickets to Wolf Trap.

Invisalign Teen

Do You DARE...Halloween Contest

Don't worry, it was just a little scare. Patients had to feel scary items in a box without looking. Congrats to Ben who won a set of games.

Invisalign, Clear Braces

Halloween - Dr. Naghdi's Horizon Team

Here we are as the Horizon team and Dr. Naghdi was a crazy doctor who couldn't let her cell phone go.

Invisalign Teen clear braces

April Fools

Who could resist a good joke on April Fools' Day.  A gift basket of full of goodies, plus a little surprise was delivered to the dentists. Make sure and ask us what it was.

Greater Reston Herndon Orthodontics

Get this Monkey off my Back!!!

It was so funny seeing the expression on some of your faces when you saw Dr. Naghdi wearing a "Purple Monkey" on her back.  Patients had to guess how long Curious George has been around.

Congrats to Kareem our winner and to Dr. Naghdi who after 6 weeks was finally able to get that monkey off her back. Kareem, enjoy your new iPod Shuffle and Banana Splits for two.

Greater Reston Herndon Orthodontics

Fun In The Sun

Everyone got to enjoy a mini beach ball or other fun summer gift from Dr. Naghdi & staff. Plus enter to win bigger prizes. Hannah was one of our drawing winners who won a beach bag full of goodies....but let's not forget the shopping spree.

Greater Reston Herndon Orthodontics

Snow Fall Contest

There wasn't much snow this year. Luckily, we still had a winner. Max, have a fun day ice skating and lunch at Unos.


Gift Giving Tree

The Gift Giving Tree was a huge success.A Special Thanks to all our patient families who participated and fairfax county services.

VA Braces

clear braces reston herndon va

So...How Much Did this Pumpkin Weigh?

Congratulations Nicholas who guessed the weight correctly and was able to take the pumpkin home along with the carving set. Happy Halloween!

Greater Reston Herndon Orthodontics

Patients had fun with this one - The Pick Your Nose Contest.

Patients had to match the nose on the flower to the staff. Way to go Jennifer!

greater reston herndon orthodontics

reston herndon braces

Go for the Gold!!! Dr. Naghdi's Olympics - Better than Beijin

We put your skills to the test on this one. Patients needed to come in with sparkling clean teeth,braces in place, and follow all of Dr. Naghdi's instructions..... and depending on how well they did, they were given up to 8 tickets for our Dicks Sporting Goods drawing.

VA Braces

Dr Naghdi's

GOLD MEDAL WINNER - SUSAN - $100 gift certificate

SILVER MEDAL WINNER - MAX - $50 gift certificate

BRONZE MEDAL WINNER - JOHN - $25 gift certificate


Miniature Gold Bonus Round

A hole-in-one will earn you 5 bonus tickets. We had so much fun with the Dr. Naghdi Summer Olympics; we just had to carry it into October. Dr. Jina Phelps was amazing this year in her Halloween costume...

reston herndon va orthodontics

Summer Post Card Contest

We loved the post cards this summer. The top three winners recieved a $25 gift certificate to Best Buy. All other participants recieved a gift certificate to Mc Donalds

Invisalign Braces Reston Virginia

Farthest away - Montana

Braces Virginia

Orthodontist Virginia Reston Herndon

Bryan N. Most Unique

Lightening Strike - Beach Week

Beach week was full of surprises including a special summer gift for each patient.  Marie, don't eat the banana all at once.

Reston Herndon VA Braces Orthodontics

Reston Herndon VA Braces Invisalign

Reston Herndon VA Braces

Trick or Treat

Cruella and her puppies take a stroll around Reston and Herndon.

Clear Braces
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